What is the purpose of this blog?

The purpose of this blog is twofold. Firstly, I think – a lot. About all sorts of things. Longfellow said: “…And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts…” and while in many ways my youth is far behind me, it is likewise ever before me. I think often and long and part of the purpose of this blog is to share those thoughts, “The Hammering Process” as it were, of my faith, life, and ideology. This blog will be a place where sometimes you will see the fruit of these internal wrestling matches, other times you will get to, or have to, sit through the wrestling match.

The second purpose of this blog is the hope that people can watch these processes unfold and learn from the process. On the one hand, people may learn something of value to them, thereby saving themselves the work of trying, failing, and succeeding over and over again. To avoid reinventing the wheel as it were. On the other hand, it is my hope that people can learn to think critically and structurally for themselves and apply that tool to their own lives.

Ultimately, this blog exists because my wife and a few friends said it should. If I have gone through all this work in my life, if I have learnt things of value, it would be asinine and supremely selfish and arrogant to not share that learning.

Why blog? It’s so passé!

Maybe exactly because it is so passé. We now live in a world possessed with itself, consumed with hurtling through life as fast as possible and entirely sold on the notion that simply because an idea exists, it is right. Writing a blog forces me to slow and think. “Is what I believe right and true?” “Does this really need to be shouted out into the void?” Additionally, even though it may well be the worst video ever made, Rush nailed it with “Time Stand Still“. We can all stand to learn to stand still, think more, speak original thoughts of value as opposed to simply “Sharing” memes of questionable content, and re-tweeting self-reinforcing nonsense.

Why the name, “The Anvil Chorus”?

Simply because I like the imagery. The heat, the pressure, the sparks, the sound of the rhythmic ringing of hammer on hot metal, the concept of something worthwhile coming out of sweaty toil. If you’ve ever been around a blacksmith’s anvil, you know what I mean.

Why does this blog look the way it does?

In short, because I like it. The imagery and choice of color, or lack thereof, reflects the gravity of many of the things I plan to discuss.  As an aside, there is, and will be, little consideration for acquiescence to the press of the social media culture. This blog is for thinking, not for amusement. As a result, while the current design is nominally mobile-friendly, it is not at all designed or intended to be experienced on a palm-sized screen and reflected on in a likewise small manner. Get in front of a screen that you can pore over and think over.

Why don’t you allow comments?

Because frankly, I don’t have the inclination, energy, or time to deal with a bunch of petty bickering or spam. I don’t suffer fools easily, or gladly. If you have something constructive or interesting to say, or a legitimate question,  feel free to use my Contact page.

Who is “The Blacksmith”

I’m just a man. Husband, father, disciple.